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All On 6 Dental Implants in Turkey

(Process, Stages, Cost)

With the All on 6 treatment, 12 fixed and fully functioning teeth are placed on 6 dental implants. With this procedure that increases the quality of your life, you will have a fixed and safe prosthesis in your lower and upper jaw. Moreover, this prosthesis can last you for a lifetime.

All on six implant technique; It is based on the procedure of placing 6 implants in the upper jaw and 6 implants in the lower jaw. This method, which allows the temporary dental prosthesis to be fixed on the same day, is a high-tech technique. It is a suitable technique for our patients who have bone loss, especially in the posterior teeth areas, to use fixed teeth.


All-on-Six Dental Implants Procedure

All on six dental implant procedure; It is based on the application of six dental implants to patients who are completely edentulous. They are placed at certain angles on the same day, and then the dental prosthesis is fixed. Unless our patients demand it or our physicians remove it, there is no play in the fixed teeth. It is the treatment method used for our patients who cannot use prostheses due to excessive bone loss. It is possible to use implants on the same day.

In order to prevent all the negativities that may be encountered during the treatment, bone examination is performed with x-ray before the treatment planning. Advanced technology systems are used during this process. The treatment process is planned considering the bone quality, thickness and height.

Stages Of All-on-Six Treatment

Before the All on six dental implant procedure is applied, patients undergo both clinical and radiological examinations. In order to determine whether they are suitable for the procedure, measurements are made with computed tomography. Then the treatment process is planned and implemented.

Dental implants are placed in the anterior part of the jaw bone, where the bone thickens, 4 pieces and 2 pieces at the back, at an angle. In this process, which is applied to both the lower jaw and the upper jaw; The implants in the front have an angle of 90 degrees and the ones in the back have an angle of 45 degrees.

After the dental implants are placed, temporary prostheses are attached in the same session. Temporary prostheses should be used for an average of 3 months. In this process, it is expected that the implants will fuse and heal with the temporary prosthesis. At the end of the process; permanent aesthetic teeth are applied. Since there is no temporary prosthesis application in classical implant applications, it is possible to prevent our patients from going through the healing process without teeth.

Who Is Suitable For All-on-Six Dental Implants?

Patients who can be implanted with all on six implants; are our patients who do not have any obstacles to have dental implant surgery. Therefore, this technique can be applied to patients who do not have a systematic disease and have sufficient bone volume. Conditions that require the application of this treatment are as follows:

This method can be applied if there is sufficient jaw bone amount and density in the intermediate area of ​​the premolar teeth of patients with a completely edentulous jaw.

In patients with diseases that are considered dangerous diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure; All on 6 dental implant technique cannot be applied without the approval of the doctor. For these patients, the relevant treatment involves risks.

If a good cleaning can be done in the extraction sockets after tooth extraction, this technique can be applied.

If the patient’s oral hygiene is at a good level and the extraction is done, it can be applied.

This technique can be applied if there is a laboratory equipped with a temporary fixed prosthesis.

Dental Teeth Implants Turkey

Sometimes all teeth may need to be extracted if there are problems such as periodontal problems and severe decays caused by poor oral hygiene. In such cases, you can have fixed teeth by applying 4 or 6 implants for each jaw. Or sometimes patient need just a single dental implant.

Benefits of All on 6 Treatment

The main purpose of all on 6 treatment is not to apply extra surgical procedures (sinus lifting, bone grafting etc) to the patient. Extra surgical procedures are avoided by placing the implants at an angle. This provides a great advantage to the patient both financially and physically.

  • All on 6 prostheses are like natural teeth in function and aesthetics: The treatment process is planned individually for each of our patients. It contributes to operations such as gaining an aesthetic appearance, laughing line and smile aesthetics. You can eat whatever you want with these fixed teeth. They are also aesthetically pleasing in appearance.
  • All on 6 prostheses are easy to maintain: Cleaning and maintenance is easier than other dental prostheses. You only need a water flosser as an extra to care for your fixed teeth.
  • All on 6 treatment saves money.: When compared with traditional dental implant surgeries; Since the number of dental implants used is less, the cost is also less. With all on 6 treatment, you can have fixed teeth with fewer implants. In addition, you will avoid the financial and time loss of extra surgical procedures such as sinus lifting and bone grafting.
  • All on 6 treatment saves time: With the All on 6 implant technique, the procedure takes less time. Since the number of required sessions is very low and both implant and temporary prosthesis are placed in the same session, it is a more advantageous procedure for our patients who have limited time. Both the control and the treatment process are more comfortable for our patients.
  • With the all on 6 treatment, you will have fixed temporary teeth on the day the implants are placed.: Your permanent temporary teeth are placed in your mouth within 24 hours after your implants are placed. In other words, it is ensured that you do not pass the 3-month recovery period without teeth until your permanent teeth are made.
  • It is possible for our fully edentulous patients to have a fixed dental prosthesis with a single surgical procedure in one day and in a single session.
  • If the dental implant cannot be placed in the back of the jaw bone due to bone resorption; In this case, 6 dental implants can be placed in the anterior region and both a fixed and aesthetic appearance can be achieved.
  • It is a technique that can be preferred for our patients who have problems while using a removable dental prosthesis and therefore have a nausea reflex. Compared to palate prostheses, its design is different. Therefore, it does not cover the palate and is more comfortable to use. It is possible to use the dental prosthesis without problems such as hitting, burning, stinging.
  • Procedures such as sinus lifting surgery or bone grafting are not performed during the operation. Therefore, it is an easy application that does not require advanced surgical procedures.

All-on-Six Dental Implants Aftercare Tips

The important points for the post-All on 6 implant procedure are as follows:

Your dentist will give you some medicines to be used after the procedure. These medicines are required to be consumed regularly in the prescribed periods.

It is necessary to pay attention to nutrition during the 3-month period when the temporary prosthesis is attached. Your dentist will recommend a diet during this process. Some foods, including hard foods, should not be consumed according to this diet.

After the application of the All on 6 implant technique, oral hygiene should be taken care of and not interrupted.

If there is a fracture in the temporary prosthesis during the healing process; you should consult to your dentist. In order to prevent a failure in dental implants, this procedure should be done without losing time.

How Much Do All-on-Six Dental Implants Turkey Cost

The cost of the all on six dental implants, which stands out due to the advantages it offers, are also among the issues to be wondered at. The experience of the oral surgeon or the materials used during the treatment and the quality of these materials also affect the cost of the treatment in question. Another important factor affecting the price of the all-on-six dental implant treatment is the country you live in.

As Snowdrop Dental Turkey, we offer you very reasonable prices on all-on-four dental implants. In our clinic, all-on-6 dental implants prices (including laboratory fee, temporary teeth and permanent fixed prothesis) start from £3100 for per jaw.

America is probably the most expensive country for dental treatments. In the US, having all-on-6 dental implants for per jaw can cost an average of $40000.

While this figure is 35000 € in European countries, it is 35000 £ in the UK.

Many people may not be able to afford the all-on-6 treatment in Europe, UK and USA. But thanks to the affordable treatment prices in Snowdrop Dental Turkey, you can easily have all-on-six dental implants treatment.

For All-on-Six surgery and other dental treatment prices, please visit our prices page.

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