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Clear Aligners & Invisalign

Are They Effective?

Clear aligners are perfect for patients who do not want to wear braces and are worried about braces being visible.

This problem, which is widespread throughout the world, can be solved in a short time thanks to improved medical methods and some tools used. Braces, which we have heard often before, and applied in dental clinics, are less preferred because they are not pleasant in appearance and are not comfortable for the patient. Instead, the transparent dental aligners, which offers both a more aesthetic appearance and a more comfortable application, is also known as invisalign. It has become one of the most preferred treatment methods by patients. The problem of crookedness, congestion, sparseness and positioning disorders in the teeth, which is found in many people, has started to become a disease with a solution in the developing medical world. Teeth, which were previously corrected with bracket braces, left their place to the orthodontic clear plate method, which has a more aesthetic appearance. This type of aligners are more beautiful than braces both in terms of application and appearance.


Advantages Of Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are a type of orthodontic treatment that corrects misaligned or crooked teeth.

  • Clear aligners are invisible. Since it has a structure that will not be noticed in appearance, it is a method preferred by those who do not receive braces treatment for aesthetic concerns.
  • Clear aligners do not prevent oral hygiene.
  • Clear aligners are easy to use. A braces that can be used more easily because they do not create the weight of metal braces.

Are Clear Aligners Suitable for Every Patient?

Since the day they entered the medical world, patients who want to have orthodontic treatment consult their doctors about wearing transparent appliances. This method, also known as “wireless orthodontic treatment” among the people, is the least obvious on the teeth, but it is more comfortable than braces in terms of comfort. But there is an important issue that patients should know; Invisalign is not a treatment method that can be applied to every patient. This method, which is not suitable for advanced orthodontic disorders, is an ideal treatment method for teeth with less curvature. However, it is possible to perform both fixed orthodontic treatment and clear aligners treatment. You can get more detailed information about the subject by contact our clinic, which has an expert dentists on clear aligners.

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