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Teeth Bonding

(Advantages, Disadvantages, Cost)

Composite bonding is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments today. If you want to have your teeth fixed and have a more beautiful smile, and you want this treatment to be finished in a short time, composite bonding is for you. The biggest benefit of this treatment is that it is completed in 1 day. It can also be called teeth bonding.

Composite bonding is usually used for;

  • repair small chips or cracks
  • fixing slightly crooked teeth (crowding) 
  • cover up tooth-stains
  • close the gaps between teeth
  • to lenghten teeth. 

What Is Teeth Bonding?


Composite bonding is the most effortless and affordable of cosmetic dentistry treatments. It is aimed to make the smile look beautiful with aesthetic dental composite materials. Cosmetic composite material is applied to the front surface of your teeth.

If you are not satisfied with the color of your teeth, teeth whitening treatment is applied before the composite bonding. And the composite material will match to the shade of your white teeth. In addition, the results are comparable to porcelain veneers, the biggest difference being that teeth bonding is more affordable.

How Long The Teeth Bonding Last?

Teeth bonding usually lasts between 1 and 3 years. This is directly related to the patient’s oral care and personal habits.Habits such as clenching teeth, biting nails, drinking too much tea and coffee and smoking reduce the life of teeth bonding. Proper oral care and regular dental check-ups also extend the life of teeth bondings.

What Are The Advantages Of Composite Bonding?

Composite bonding treatment is very popular today and some of its advantages are as follows:

  • Affordable Prices: Composite bonding is more affordable than dental veneers. Besides, in Snowdrop Premium Dental Turkey, teeth bonding treatment prices are much more affordable than teeth bonding treatment prices in the US, UK and Europe. You can check our price list for more information.
  • Composite Bonding Lengthen Teeth: It is possible to lengthen your short teeth with composite bonding treatment. For this, it is very important how much lengthening is needed. In order to make a solid extension with composite bonding, the occlusion of your teeth must be checked. (Occlusion means; the way the teeth meet when the lower jaw and upper jaw come together.) If you have an incorrect occlusion, the bonded composite material may chip.
  • Composite Bonding Fix A Cracked Tooth: In Snowdrop Premium Dental Turkey we can fix your cracked tooth with teeth bonding with using cosmetic composite materials. In addition, we do not file down your teeth when doing teeth bonding treatment. We repair easily the crack area with using cosmetic composite materials.
  • Composite Bonding Fix Crooked Teeth: If you have slightly misaligned and crooked teeth, composite bonding can be a smile makeover option for you. But if you have severe misaligned teeth probably you need dental veneers or Invisalign treatments.
  • Composite Bonding Fix A Chipped Tooth: Dental bonding treatment is perfect for a small chip in front tooth. In Snowdrop Premium Dental Turkey we do not file down your tooth when doing composite bonding treatment. Thus, we repair easily the chipped area with using cosmetic composite materials.
  • Composite Bonding Fix A Broken Tooth: Treating a broken tooth with composite bonding depends on the amount of fracture. So, if a small piece is broken, your tooth can be treated with composite bonding. Otherwise, dental veneers may be necessary for bigger tooth fractures.
  • Composite Bonding Close Gaps: Composite bonding is a very good option for closing small gaps between teeth. But if you have big gaps between your teeth, probably dental veneer treatment will be better for you.
  • Composite Bonding Repair Your Teeth In A Day: It takes 30-45 minutes to treat 1 tooth with composite bonding. So, teeth bonding treatment is completed in 1 day and allows us to get good results quickly. That means you can leave Snowdrop Premium Dental Turkey smiling with confidence.
  • Composite Bonding Does Not Damage Your Teeth: In Snowdrop Premium Dental Turkey, we do not file down tour tooth during the composite bonding treatment. The cosmetic composite material is added only to the front surface of your tooth. In summary, this treatment does no damage to your teeth, it is completely safe.
  • Composite Bonding Is A Pain Free Treatment: In most cases, anesthesia is not required in teeth bonding treatment. So, we do not numb you for composite bonding in Snowdrop Premium Dental Turkey.

Composite Bonding Can Fix Your Smile Easily

Composite bonding treatment is the fastest and most affordable way to fix your smile. Teeth bonding treatment can be applied safely in our clients where these problems are not very severe.

  • Short or Worn Teeth
  • Cracked Tooth
  • Crooked Teeth
  • Chipped or Broken Tooth
  • Gaps Between Teeth

What Are The Disadvantages Of Teeth Bonding?

Unfortunately, composite materials used in teeth bonding treatment have some disadvantages. These are;

  • Composite materials used in teeth bonding treatment are not as strong as porcelain used in dental veneers treatment, unfortunately they can chip or break under pressure.
  • Composite materials used in teeth bonding treatment can become discolored over time. Consuming coloring drinks such as tea, coffee, red wine accelerates this.
  • After the teeth bonding treatment, it is necessary to see the patient every 6 months and renew the polish.
  • Composite materials used in teeth bonding need to be renewed every 1-3 years.

What Is The Process Of Composite Teeth Bonding?

Teeth bonding application is completed in approximately 2 to 3 hours. A single session will be sufficient to perform the bonding application. To which teeth will be bonded, those teeth are first made ready for application. Your dentist will examine your mouth and teeth and after treating minor problems, the application is started.

First of all, conditioning liquid is applied to the teeth to be bonded to roughen the surface. Thanks to this liquid, the materials to be used are adhered to the teeth. Then the tooth colored composite materials are bonded to the tooth. Before the composite materials harden, the necessary processes are carried out to bring them into the desired shape. After the shaping process is completed, laser or bright lights are used to harden the composite material. After the hardening materials completely settle on the tooth surface, specialist dentists perform the procedures for shaping the teeth. Finally, polishing processes are performed to make the tooth surface look better and match the natural tooth color. You will not feel any pain during these procedures.

After the bonding application, the life of your teeth varies between 3 and 5 years. However, in order to prolong this period, you need to give due importance to your oral and dental hygiene and annual routine controls.

How Much Is Composite Bonding Cost?​

The cost you will pay for the composite bonding varies according to the experience of the dentist, the conditions of the clinic (quality of materials, technology used) and of course the country you are in. Snowdrop Premium Dental Turkey offers you very reasonable prices. Composite bonding price is 65£ per tooth in our clinic.

America is probably the most expensive country for dental treatments. In the US, having a composite bonding for per tooth can cost an average of $600.

While this figure is 450 € in European countries, it is 400 £ in the UK.

Teeth Bonding is not usually applied to a single tooth. Mostly they are applied to 16 teeth (8 top 8 bottom). When bonding is required for 16 teeth, many people may not be able to afford the amount paid. But thanks to the affordable treatment prices in our clinic, you can have composite bonding to all of your front teeth.

For composite bonding and other dental treatment prices, please visit our prices page.

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